Ten Easy Tips for Defensive Driving

While we recommend a defensive driving class to truly learn defensive driving, here are ten easy
tips on how to improve your own defensive skills every day

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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a form of training or practice for motor vehicle drivers to drive in such a way that they consciously reduce the dangers associated with driving. They do this by anticipating dangerous scenarios, which could range from bad weather to erring motorists.

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Road Signs, Markings and Their Meaning


  • Guides
  • Directs
  • Warns
  • Informs
  • Prohibits
  • Regulates

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Client Portfolio

Erasko Lifters and Training Consult Limited has been dedicated to and involved in industrial, warehousing, and manufacturing equipment training since 2008, which accounts for its partnerships with institutions here in Ghana. Below are some of the companies we have worked with so far.